For years, even as it has been more than obvious they exist just a bit to the left of Trotsky, CNN has claimed that it is a legitimate and objective news source. Even as the public became more aware of the agendized propaganda spewing forth from Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, and Christiane Amanpour, and even as CNN uploaded partisans like David Axelrod and Van Jones, some still labored under the illusion CNN somehow was a legitimate news source. But this newest firing needs to serve as proof positive CNN has completed its transformation from news to opinion-propaganda.

CNN vice president and spokesperson Matt Dornic took to Twitter to explain why their network executives made the decision to fire on-air contributor Eliana Johnson. Johnson is leaving her position as White House correspondent for Politico to take on the job of editor-in-chief at The Washington Free Beacon. While CNN categorizes Politico as a legitimate news source, they label The Beacon as a “conservative” publication.

In the brief and unelaborated tweet Dornic stated:

“This framing is misleading. Eliana is still a CNN contrib & will remain one through Nov. We signed her because, as you put it, ‘she was a top White House reporter’ who was ‘breaking significant news.’ She’s now pursuing a different career path and off that beat. Simple as that.”

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Because she is – and about to be was – an “on-air contributor” wouldn’t it make sense that an editor-in-chief would have access to more enlightening information that a single beat reporter? If she would have left the White House position to take on the editor-in-chief position at Huffington Post or The New York Times, would that have resulted in her contract termination? The answers are, respectively, yes and no.

If an organization is going to make the claim they faithfully serve the public with a product they call “unbiased news” – and do so under the protection of the First Amendment – they have to satisfy that claim with their actions; words mean absolutely nothing. CNN has proven – beyond doubt – with this contract termination they have an ideological agenda and, therefore, have self-abdicated their right to the claim “unbiased”.

Because we exist in a land where political free speech is protected (I know that comes as a shock to the Left who routinely attempt to censor and silence people who don’t believe as they do) the only recourse to exact pain on CNN for their deceiving of the American public is to starve their advertisers through boycotts attributed to their association with CNN.

Short of that, I have always wondered why no one has sued organizations like CNN under the “Lemon Law”. They are, after all, knowingly selling a defective product to the public. Just sayin’…

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