Aren’t thieves and liars normally used within the same sentence? If one were to research World History, it is easy to find nations built and nations toppled. Each nation is unique for various reasons.

Our nation was built upon the pillars of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No, it wasn’t easy, and a lot of blood had to be shed for the benefits we enjoy, today.

Very few countries allow voters to determine leadership. In most countries, power and money dictates who will control. America has always been different until the 2016 elections.

No person wakes up one day and begins overthrowing any government. Instead, it’s a plan that may take years and even decades. Regardless, sin (ungodly actions taken by humans) always starts with baby steps and progresses.

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Banks, businesses, elderly, and others are robbed routinely by ‘petty’ thieves. This is the beginning baby steps in a thief’s mind on their way to bigger targets. It’s a very contagious disease and/or addiction.

Thieves know stealing is not their only sin. Stealing is akin to ‘chain smoking.’ One sin leads to many others unless they repent and restore their soul (1 John 1:9) focusing upon Godly behaviors.

The more complex their scheme, the more sins are involved. Obviously, stealing is a partner to lying, maligning, gossiping, hatred, bitterness, false witness, jealousy, and overt sins. If a thief were honest, they would no longer be a thief!

Thieves have progressive goals. First, it’s stealing hundreds. Then it’s thousands. Then it’s millions and even taking over an entire nation for billions and control.

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Many thieves start as a street corner drug dealer stealing innocent lives in exchange for a quick buck. Then their arrogance (the worst sin) convinces them to grow their thievery by taking over two street corners, then the entire neighborhood, city, state, and so forth.

Of course, thieves know their criminal power comes from a knife, gun, or paying for protection. In most instances, thieves are not known for their brilliance. Instead, thieves know very well their power resides with power plays. The biggest gun wins and it’s not always a gun that goes ‘bang.’

As thieves grow their illegal business making lots of money, they reach out to helpful political and religious parties who can be bought to help control their territories. Yes, it starts with local religious leaders, policemen, mayors, judges, State and Federal officials, and other influential types.

That’s not to overlook the fact there are just stupid people on this planet. Many have the best of intentions but fall prey to criminals. Criminals use people to ‘hypnotize’ others to do what the criminal minds need in order to accomplish their goals – power and money.

There is no better example of this scheme than politics. Evil people go into communities convincing them if they elect them, whatever the ‘hot topic’ is will be resolved. This becomes a hypnotic trance for many falsely believing they must help this person get elected.

No, these supporters do not intend any harm and wouldn’t pound the pavement soliciting support for the candidate if they knew the facts. Unfortunately, those facts never materialize until after the election but then it’s too late.

Thieves always lie about their intentions. Good thieves are great liars. Liberals are a prime example. Their core sin begins with arrogance falsely believing they are ‘entitled’ to more and they are above all others.

Thieves target public office as an easy way to legally control lots of money and have some of it line their own wallets. Most in the US Congress begin with a financial statement in the thousands but exit with one in the millions.

Trying to prove politicians are geniuses at making money instead of being corrupt is a challenge no person should accept. Thieves normally begin their political thievery running for positions overseeing education, police, taxes, and any other agencies that are ripe for using their power to blackmail citizens and/or companies.

Just imagine the millions at stake even in the smallest of towns. There are issues like supplying public schools with employees, food, and transportation. Without exception, school districts are at the top of the list of big spenders in most cities.

Imagine the financial gain one in power could make by simply enforcing a change in school menus. Favoring a contract with a friend, child, sister, or brother in the industry, could immediately return a lot of money – ‘legally.’ Isn’t that much easier than peddling dope on the street corner with the same objective?

Take this example a step further and pass legislation so teachers become members of a labor unions. What about forcing licenses on trade groups? How about regulating wrecker services, business, insurance, investments, hospitals, trucking, building permits, environmental permits, and the like?

Yes, every law and regulation passed become potentials for personal income streams for thieves. This constant stream of money means everything to a politician. Any threat to change this is naturally going to be met with massive revolts filled with lies and propaganda.

These thieves don’t want to return to the street corner to make a living. Life is too good at this level to surrender and besides, they are now holding respectable jobs.

That’s why Democrats won’t read the Mueller Dossier and are not going to abide with the 2018 election results. So, what else is left for Democrats to do but lie if their thievery remains their goal?

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